Topographies of Integrated Circuits

Definition: a final topography or an intermediate topography of integrated circuits may be protected. The topography should be filed before a commercial use, or within the next two years. The topography must be different enough from known diagrams.

Entitlement to protection: the creator or his assignee.

Filing requirements for an application (to be sent to resident agent):
1. Clear description of the diagram;
2. Documents establishing the right to apply;
3. Power of attorney, if applicable.

Protection: the protection includes protection against copying of the topography or incorporating in a system. The protection includes protection against the use or importation for commercial use of any copy of the topography or of any product containing the topography.

Exceptions to protection: the copying for evaluation analysis or registration purposes. The development of a distinctive topography based on an analysis or evaluation of a protected topography can be protected.

Duration: ten years after the date of filing or first commercial use.