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General Remarks

By virtue of the Industrial Designs Act, 2001 (which commenced on July 1, 2002) there is cumulative protection by registered design and by copyright in certain circumstances. The overlap between design protection and copyright is complex. Where a design is derived from an artistic work or is a typeface there may be automatic protection by copyright. Copyright may subsist irrespective of the artistic merit of the work. In such cases where the design has been exploited by making products according to the design by an industrial process, third parties will be free to copy the work to make products after the expiry of twenty-five years from the end of the calendar year in which products according to the design are first marketed. Copyright in a “design document” or model recording or embodying a design, for anything other than an artistic work or a typeface, is not infringed by the making of a product to the design or the copying of a product made to the design. “Design document” means any record of a design e.g. a drawing or photograph. The consequence of these provisions is that in general copyright protection is not available to protect functional commercial articles that are industrially produced.